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What is the Journey?

A few weeks ago while I was browsing through Facebook, one of friends and colleague whom I went to school with had mentioned that she was going to do a 10 Day Water Fast. And something within me just said, YES! I somehow knew that I had to do it also. If you know me for a while, you know that I always follow my instinct. This water fast basically consists of only drinking high quality water for 10 days, and that’s it, no food, nothing else but water.

The Beginning

Since I have done a 7 day water fast before, I thought I already knew what I was getting myself into, but I was only 50% right. The first 3 days of the fast were similar, very hungry wanting to eat food. This is were the educated part of your brain says, “hey! you gotta eat, or else there is no energy!” But on the 4th day, the hunger went away. During those first 3 days, it is very easy to just give up and create an excuse to not do it and do it another time. I noticed that this is true for many great accomplishments we have achieved in our lives, meaning that there are times when we perhaps considered quitting. But once you break through that it takes you to another level.

The Middle

After the 4th day, things were better. I actually went for a 45 minute workout that day. There are times were I would think that I could not work out because I didn’t eat anything, that day, but I know that it is no longer the case for me. Obviously it is not the wisest thing to do all of the time, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to not work out (at least for me). During the following days, my energy level stayed the same. No major ups or downs. But at this point I was into ketosis so I started releasing the toxins and noticed that things were starting to physiologically change. One funny thing is that I started to smell different, which is normal as you start to release toxins from the body. I also noticed that I didn’t want no one to touch me as much (my wife was not happy). But I mainly noticed that my vision was more crisp, the colors were more vibrant and the mind started to be more clear and sharp.

The End

Did I mention that I was still in my practice taking care of people through it all? It is actually what fueled me through it all. Although the last 3 days were tough. My energy was way down and I wasn’t doing good in that sense. At this point, I started doing more of the water charging after a wise friend/patient suggested a great way to do it. You basically hold the cup of water to your heart and very intentionally say “Love” 20 times. Once I started doing this it completely changed the way I felt and even the water tasted different. These last 3 days I also started having some spiritual changes. I felt my soul more connected to source and was able to communicate with it with more clarity and purpose. My vision for my path in life was more clear and I knew were to make changes my life. I was also very, very emotional. I would see pictures or little videos that were cute or inspiring and my heart would just feel it so much to the point of almost being in tears (and I am not emotional at all). My perceptions of myself and life were different. This was such a beautiful awakening that on day 9 and 10, I was sad that it was ending.

The Take Away

By the way, today I noticed that I lost 15 lbs. Over all, I realized that the unity of the universe and the entanglement which keeps us all together is all one. This physical body we have is our instrument to play the tune of our spiritual path in life. But this path needs to be purposeful, tangible and practical. I also realized that everything needs to connect to your true purpose in life. Everything meaning all your areas in life to great detail: physical, financial, family, vocational, spiritual, mental and social. And since my purpose in life is to expand people’s potential to love themselves and world by correcting the Atlas Subluxation Complex utilizing the NUCCA procedure, then everything in my life needs to connect to that. My apartment for example is my practice as well as my social, physical etc. It is ALL transparent and connected. I also was amazed to see how the body can endure through things that you think you can’t. Also, the illusion of limits in our lives is different for me now. I can truly see that the universe is happening for me, as much as I exist for the universe. There is no limitation of creation to that understanding. Our human just exists to manifest it. This human experience we are on is beautiful and it is experiences like this fasting that let you know that there is so much more to do.

Love you all!

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