Ancient Teachings: The Moon In Your Heart

September 12, 2018 / By



One problem or frustration I’ve always had within my Yoga practice has been setting an intention. I’ve always struggled to put some words around my practice. Whenever a teacher would say “set an intention for your practice” my mind would go blank. So in my frustration I would ask myself all these questions like “why can’t I do this?” “Why do I Have to define my experience?” “Why are they asking me to do this?”

But the other day I revisited a book  called Smile at Fear by Chogyam Trungpa, and he suggested that maybe when we are feeling uninspired it’s because we aren’t paying attention to what’s going on within ourselves, our environment, and our relationships. So when we are feeling that way, feeling uninspired, or at a loss for words we should just set our intention to just pay attention. Or as Trungpa says; “ Simply discover what is there, simply see that and stop”

So through observation, through being witness;  maybe we can discover more specific intentions. Regardless of whether it’s fear, stress, sadness, or joy that is distracting us from what’s going on. We can always set an intention to come back to the present moment, to be a witness, to follow the breathe and see what arises. So I’ll just leave you with one last quote from Trungpa; “However, when you are just there, then,

 if you see the actual darkness, that will inspire light or sunrise.”




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