How It Works

A profound and amazing experience!

Before the Procedure:

  • After a thorough history is taken, the doctor will perform several Sphenoid Reflexes. This will tell the doctor how to guide the balloon.

  • You will then be guided to lie on your back with one knee bent and the head tilted to one side.

Neuro-Cranial Procedure:

  • A small finger cot is inserted a small piece of a pressure cuff used to inflate the balloon.

  • Once you are ready, the doctor will guide the balloon with a small flat toothpick.

  • After the balloon is inserted, the doctor will ask you to hold your breath, and at that point the doctor will inflate and deflate the balloon very quickly.

  • This takes a few seconds.

  • Finally, this is repeated on the other nostril.

Neuro-Cranial Procedure Program:

  • It is mandatory to have the procedure done on 4 Consecutive Days (this is called a Series).

  • Each series need to be at least 1 month apart.

  • The doctor will advise as to how many Series you will need (this usually ranges from 3-5 Series).