Facial Symmetry

The universe is built on a plan the profound symmetry of which is, present in the inner structure of our being.

Most People Have Facial Asymmetry…

But did you know that this can sometimes lead to abnormal pressure in the brain and affect the rhythmic movement of cranial bones. The rhythmic movement of cranial bones is responsible for the proper function of the nervous system and for optimum health.

The distortion of the skull and disturbance of the rhythmic movement alters the inner-skull pressure. This effects the neurotransmitter circulation which leads to disorders regarding nerve conduction and transmitting.

Facial Symmetry Questions:

  1. Does one eye seem to be smaller than the other?

  2. Does one ear seem to be smaller than the other?

  3. Does the mouth seem to be lower on one side? Or smile wider on one side?

  4. When you imagine a vertical line in the middle of the face, is one side wider that the other?

  5. Do you realize any curves or curvatures  on the spine?