History and Conditions

the sphenoid is the most complex bone of the human body

Back in the 1920s…

More specifically in 1921, Dr. William Carver, LL, B, D.C. wrote a book titled “Carver’s Chiropractic Analysis” in which he explains the stimulation of the cranial bones through the nose using “rubber tubes”.

By this time, Osteopathy, Chiropractic and other manipulative fields have been studying facial, cranial and neurological rhythmic patterns and alignment quite extensively. This lead to a utilization of this procedure to stimulate the sphenoid bone to be used by many practitioners.

Because there was not much research done on the technique, many doctors developed their own ways of practicing it. Which is why there are many names for it, such as:

  • Neuro-Cranial Procedure

  • Endo-Nasal Balloon Therapy

  • Nasal Specific

  • Dural Cranial Nasal Release Procedures

  • NeuroCranial Reconstruction

  • And many more!

Conditions that are helped by the Neuro-Cranial Procedure:

Alzheimer’s Hyperactivity Snoring
ALS Insomnia Otitis Media
Sclerosis TMJ / TMD Sleep Apnea
Anxiety Learning Disabilities Epilepsy
DoubleVision Traumatic Brain Injuries Parkinson’sDisease
ADD Paresis Phobias
Deafness Optic Problems Lazy Eye
Autism Post Concussion Syndrome Poor Concentration
Dystonia Low Energy Multiple Sclerosis
Balance Problems Sciatica Breathing Disorders
Migraines Seizures Cerebral Palsy
Fibromyalgia Vertigo ADHD
Brain Fog Memory Loss Facial Asymmetry
Hormone Imbalance