Neuro Cranial Procedure

cranial symmetry leads to healing and peak performance


enhancing brain function

The main approach of Neuro-Cranial Therapy is to manage the body's balance perception through several structures in our skull.
For example; inner ear (labyrinth) determines the direction of the motion (front-back, sideways, up, down etc.). Eyes see where our body stands in space (standing, upside down etc.) and direction of the motion. Central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) processes and correlates that data.

To further explain, our skull consists of 14 facial bones and 8 cranial bones moving in a rhythmic pattern up to 2 mm all through our life. This highly important structure at the focus of our body is the sphenoid bone in the center. The sphenoid bone consists of a central part and two wing-like structures that extend sideways towards the sides of the skull. This bone governs the base of the cranium, the sides of the skull and the floors and sides of the eye sockets. This is the central bone that touches all the other cranium bones at some point. The sphenoid is where we perceive the balance.